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Parliament of Oceana
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Student Society


University of Glasgow


April 2011

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Open to all Glasgow University students, staff, and alumni. Further membership possible.

Membership Fee

£3 per annum

Current Executive

President: Daniel Mackay
Speaker: Alan Sharkey
Treasurer: Calum McInnes
Secretary: Leo Niesel

Initially a whim decision of Jani Helle and Andrew Foster, the creation of this Parliament from the bones of an old Glasgow University Student Society (which existed in 1768) has grown from a small project of resurrection to a massive expedition into the world of Glasgow University history, state formation and political leviathans.

Expanding primarily from the “Commonwealth of Oceana” by James Harrington and the old University “Parliament of Oceana”, the “Republic of Oceana” is all about political, cultural, ethical, social and general debate, plus the understanding of systems of government and the involved running of a state in whatever way the members and people want.

Ideally, all of this shall function in a manner which caters from the pint-and-politics student of Science to the deeply-pensive rising political theorist, philosopher and historian all the way up to the hard-nosed political dynamo of the future. The Society is formed and aimed towards inter-societal, inter-collegiate, inter-departmental co-operation and participation. Furthermore, we, the founders, have tried our utmost to create a framework which allows everyone to have a part to play, an active role which actually shapes the society and how it runs, now and into the future.

Debates will centre not only on affairs of state and economy, but matters of moral, social and political relevance to both the fictitious Republic of Oceana and the real world. Students, graduates and lecturers alike will be encouraged to socialise and work together to build this post-revolution era state into a powerful presence in the world in which it exists. To pick up the newly re-lit torch of an old Glasgow University Society and run with it, in a society which will be as organic as it is organised and as enjoyable as it is earnest.

There is a wealth of possibility and opportunity to be found in participation in this parliament, and we, the founding members, hope that you may become involved and part of what could, in time, become a great institution of the University. Please read on, this wiki details information about the Republic and Parliament of Oceana, and welcome again.

We hope to see you in parliament!

Andrew Foster, Jani Helle, Euan Loarridge, Alec Brasier, Nora Helle, Ciara McAvoy

(Founding Members)

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Monarchs of Oceana ; Neighbouring States ; Panopea ; Political Parties ; Reign of King Tiervan;

Rules of Procedure ; Society Constitution ; Symbols of Oceana; The Oceana Beacon

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