The Oceanan Congress of Trade Unions (OCTU) is the national trade union centre of Oceana, representing 53 trade unions with over a million members combined. It was founded in 2012, and the current General Secretary is Alan Sharkey.

OCTU is comprised of three "political tendencies"; the radical syndicalist CORAL, the socialist FOSU and the left-liberal CEURO.

The unions within OCTU include:

Confederation of Oceanan Radical Autonomous Labour (CORAL)

  • Oceanan Union of Industrial Workers (OUIW)
  • Oceana Agricultual Assembly (AgA)
  • Retail Workers Syndicate (Rewosyn)
  • Amalgamated Oceanan Union of Brewers, Distillers and Allied Trades (AOU-BDAT)

Federation of Oceanan Socialist Unions (FOSU)

  • Oceanan Union of Shipbuilders, Engineers and Allied Trades (OUSEAT)
  • Oceana Iron and Steel Industry - Amalgamated Union (OISI)
  • Union of Oceanan Mineworkers (UOM)
  • General Construction Union of Oceana (GCUO)
  • Oceana Rail Operatives' Union (OROU)
  • Union of Oceanan Dockworkers and Longshoremen (UODL)
  • General Union of Oceanan Communications Workers (GU-OCW)

Council of Employee Unions for the Republic of Oceana (CEURO)

  • Council of Oceanan Police Officers (COPO)
  • Oceana Public Services General Union (OPS)
  • Association of Oceanan University Lecturers (AOUL)
  • Oceana Union of Teachers and Teacher's Assistants (OUTTA)